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Article: Tomète linen

Tomète linen

The star of our tablewear collections is a natural material, perhaps the oldest of all, although strikingly modern: linen .

What we liked about linen, in addition to its ecological virtues and its chic look, is that it is a local natural material (unlike cotton for example). Indeed, most of its production (80% of world production) is carried out in France, Belgium and the Netherlands (between Caen and Amsterdam more precisely).

You are certainly already familiar with linen, which has been back on the scene for several years. It has even become "democratized" by being sold at low prices in certain fast fashion chains.

However, as with all materials, there is linen and linen.

The Tomète linen has been carefully chosen and designed so that our clothes can dress your tables for many years.

First of all, our products are made of 100% linen , that is to say that it is not mixed with other materials (natural or artificial). All the virtues of flax, including its longevity, are thus preserved.

In addition, we have chosen to use flax with the " European Flax " label, which is a guarantee of traceability of a premium flax fiber grown in Western Europe, from environmentally friendly agriculture, without irrigation or GMOs.

Finally, in order to recreate the feel and look of old French linen, we have chosen to fashion our table clothes from linen that is thicker than the light washed linen that was on the market.

The density (i.e. the grammage of linen fiber per m² of fabric) of Tomète linen for the LA LIGNE collection is 280g/m². This weight allows us to have a heavy linen, with a noble fall on the table. For the LE FESTIN collection, we wanted to combine linen with the subtlety of scalloped embroidery. We have therefore chosen a slightly lighter linen, with a weight of 205g/m².

The look, finish and feel of Tomète linen have been designed so that our products are unique.