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Article: Tomète at Charlotte in Paris

Tomète at Charlotte in Paris

At Tomète, we celebrate the art of hospitality.

Invite your guests, choose the menu, do the shopping, cook, set the table, arrange the flowers, select good wine and good music, finally sit down and enjoy the evening with your loved ones.

The Tomète collections are aimed at women and men who like to receive and are sensitive to the aesthetics and quality of the objects placed in their homes.

We decided to meet inspiring people, who have the same sensitivity as us.

The first to agree to receive us is Charlotte!

Charlotte leaves no one indifferent. Beyond her style, Charlotte has a devastating sense of humor, an infectious laugh and thousands of incredible anecdotes to tell! In short, you are sure to have a memorable evening.

We are lucky since Charlotte opened her doors to Tomète during the organization of a dinner in her Parisian apartment which she shares with her partner, Yanis, and their dog, Poppy.

Tomète: What type of host are you? Team “I think about the menu and the decoration weeks before” or team “last minute”?

Charlotte: Without hesitation, last minute. It is for this reason that I always need to have beautiful linens and tableware ready to draw. For the menu, I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who cooks wonderfully – he takes care of everything except the wine.

What is your ideal number of guests?

The number of those I love.

If you could invite just one guest to your next dinner party, alive or dead, who would it be?

Surprisingly, I hesitate between Jacques Prévert and Gérard Depardieu.

A piece that we will listen to for sure if we are invited to your house:

The album “A seat at the table” by Solange.

The cocktail or the drink that we can hope to taste when arriving at your place:

Yuzushu – a Japanese liqueur that goes with any dessert.

Your dream menu includes :

A huge cheese platter.

What gift do you usually give to your hosts when you are invited?

I try to make gifts that I would like to receive – When I invite, I often miss something. So, when I am invited, I always ask my hosts what I could bring to help them.

What place does the art of the table have in your family? A memorable memory or a specificity to share on your family meals?

In my family, we have a tradition: my grandmother bakes a lemon meringue pie for every birthday. For its 90th anniversary, we organized a major intergenerational competition to designate the successor to this tradition. Everyone played the game, from children to parents. Some spent several days preparing their pie. My grandmother was very moved. I don't even know who won. Basically, I think what we love most about lemon pie is not eating it. The important thing is the message of love and the demonstration of affection that it conveys.

A book of recipes or decoration to recommend to help our readers prepare their next receptions?

The last cooking recipe I read was in a Minnie Mag (baked meringue). On the other hand, I remember that it was a very good recipe. I recommend.

Your favorite at Tomète:

All tablecloths 100% thick linen. The fall on my table is perfect and they resist all my dinners.

Who would you like to see on our newspaper?

The creator of Tomète.

Photographs: Antoine Sorel .