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The Tomète promise: to offer you high-quality, inspiring and durable products to dress your interiors with style and spirit.

Our history

After several years advising creative and innovative companies, and a personal ordeal which opened her eyes wide to her priorities, Maud Balagna left her job as an intellectual property lawyer to start her own business.

Maud then imagines Tomète, a decoration brand faithful to its values, its history and its tastes.

His ambition with Tomète? Offering you products that are as beautiful as they are well made, to enhance your daily life but also on special days.

Made aware of the art of entertaining by her family at a very young age, it was quite natural that Maud chose to dedicate the first Tomète collection to the queen of our interiors: the table.

The first Tomète “table cloakroom” will be launched in November 2022. Very quickly the Tomète collections will expand to other rooms in the house.

the tometo style

At Tomète, the detail makes the design. The style of each Tomète product is carefully studied to distinguish itself subtly.

A blend of timelessness and modernity, we create products that can adorn your interiors and please you for many years.

Based in Paris, Tomète is influenced by the French art of living and hosting. It is also in homage to France and its hexagonal shape that the brand was named (the name "Tomète" being a nod to the Provençal and Parisian terracotta tiles which are often hexagonal in shape).

Our sources of inspiration are however varied and without borders, such as the shape of an old collar, the embroidery of old linen, the colors of a painting, antique jewelry...

Tomète quality

We place quality at the heart of our approach, because we believe that every detail counts to create an exceptional experience. Our products are designed with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for craftsmanship. We carefully select raw materials, favoring textiles that are soft to the touch and durable, ensuring a feeling of luxurious comfort and long-term durability. Each piece is meticulously inspected to ensure impeccable quality before reaching your hands.

the Tomète spirit

Beauty also comes through the mind.

We make our wardrobe from natural materials, from expert local craftsmen. Our main material is the oldest material, yet strikingly modern: linen. A beautiful, ultra-local and environmentally friendly material, we have made it the star of our table linen collections.

We have also chosen to entrust the making of our wardrobe to local companies and craftsmen, for obvious social considerations, but also in order to participate in the conservation of our know-how. Thus, our main manufacturer is based in France and is labeled “Living Heritage Company”.