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Article: How to take care of your linen

How to take care of your linen

Here are some practical recommendations for properly caring for your Tomète flax table linen:


How to wash your flax table linen in the washing machine? Unlike other fabrics, the more you wash flax, the softer, suppler and more beautiful it becomes. It can of course be washed by hand, but also in the washing machine. However, beware of somewhat old machines, which end up damaging all the fibres, including flax… We recommend that you wash your colored linen table linen at 40°c and up to 60°c for white. Do not overload the machine and separate the colors.

Which detergent should you use to wash your flax table linen? No special detergent needed. Prefer a mild detergent, and banish detergents containing chlorine or bleaching agents, which could tarnish and or damage your linen table linen.

What spin cycle for your flax table linen? We recommend 600 to 800 revolutions per minute maximum. Beyond that, you risk damaging the fiber.


How to dry your flax table linen?

To be preferred: dry in the open air! Flax is a material that dries quickly! If you have the adequate space, we advise you to let your flax table linens air dry, flat or stretched out.

In the washing machine: machine drying is also possible, but favor a gentle cycle.


Is it necessary to iron your flax table linen? Ironing is optional. Indeed, unironed, your flax table linen will retain its natural, slightly wrinkled and chic appearance.

How to iron your flax table linen? If you're not a fan of the wrinkled look, you can iron your table linen on low heat and making sure your linen is still slightly damp.


How to clean the most common stains on your linen table linen?

  • red wine : Have a few drops escaped from the glasses? Rub the stain with sparkling water and put your linen in the washing machine as soon as possible.
  • greasy substances : lather the stain with dishwashing liquid and water, then let your laundry rest overnight before putting your laundry in the washing machine
  • coffee and tea : dab your laundry with water then put white vinegar on the stain. Put your laundry in the machine as soon as possible.
  • blood : in the event of a cut, soak the blood stain in physiological serum and put your clothes in the washing machine as soon as possible.
  • candle : remove as much wax as possible without scraping, place the fabric between two pieces of paper towel, then apply a hot iron to absorb the remaining wax.
  • Grass : soak the stain in rubbing alcohol (for colored linen) or lemon juice (for white linen). Then, off to the washing machine!