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Article: The Tomète palette: greens

The Tomète palette: greens

Autumn is now well established and our desire to go green is becoming more and more pressing.

The opportunity for us to present to you a color from the Tomète palette that we particularly like, green .

Green is synonymous with life, renewal and growth. It evokes the freshness of nature, calm and harmony.

On a table, green brings a touch of positive energy, inviting your guests to relax and enjoy the present moment.

It is a versatile color that suits all seasons and occasions.

We love green so much at Tomète that we have available it in four shades:

Forest green , with its depth and intensity, is an ideal color for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere during candlelight dinners. It evokes the tranquility of lush forests and brings a touch of mystery to your table.

Olive green , for its part, evokes the Mediterranean and the flavors of summer. It's perfect for outdoor dining and summer parties. It brings a feeling of freshness and relaxation to your outdoor meals.

Khaki , a subtle shade of green, is ideal for a minimalist and contemporary style. It adds a touch of understated sophistication to your table, highlighting the simplicity and elegance of your decor.

Finally, water green is the color of softness and tranquility. It is perfect for family meals and special occasions, creating a calming and relaxing ambiance.

Put your table green with Tomète!