Straight-edged table linen

Discover the timeless sophistication of the 100% linen straight-edged table linen collection by Tomète, proudly made in France with unrivaled expertise. Our straight-edged linen table linen embodies the perfect fusion between French artisanal know-how and refined design, adding a touch of elegance to every convivial moment.

The excellence of French linen: At Tomète, we are proud to favor the highest quality French linen. Our straight edge table linen is meticulously crafted from this exceptionally sturdy and inspiring fabric. Linen, grown and harvested with respect for the environment in the European Union, offers a luxury experience while preserving our planet.

The art of French tailoring: Each element of our straight-edged table linen collection is precisely crafted by talented artisans in France. Their expertise, inherited from generation to generation, is evident in every detail. Each tablecloth, placemat, napkin and tea towel in this collection is designed to enhance your table, adding a touch of elegance to all occasions.

Timeless style: Tomète's straight-edged table linen collection features a timeless design that fits harmoniously into all styles of decoration. Whether you're planning an elegant dinner, a casual brunch, or a family gathering, our napkins, placemats, and tablecloths bring sophistication to every table.

Easy to maintain: In addition to its beauty, our linen table linen is also practical. Linen is naturally stain resistant and gets softer with each wash. Its maintenance is therefore easy, guaranteeing durability that stands the test of time.

With our collection of straight-edged table linen in 100% linen, lovingly made in France, you have the opportunity to create unforgettable moments around your table. Discover the splendor of French linen and the excellence of French tailoring with Tomète.