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Welcome to Anouk Biard, who today opens the doors of her apartment to us which she shares with her partner and their daughter.

After several years working in the luxury industry, notably at Celine and Margiela, Anouk decided to retrain and practice a - literally - more manual activity. She then trained in Kobido, a Japanese massage technique for the face and head for the natural health of the face, and quickly found success within her practice in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

Out of conviction, Anouk mainly surrounds herself with vintage objects. Each object in her home has a story, like the magnificent painting that sits above her kitchen, which she looked at for many years in her neighbor's windows before being able to buy it from him. The result is a unique atmosphere, which really charmed us.

What type of host are you? Team “I think about the menu and decoration weeks before” or team “last minute”?

Last minute even if I dream of being part of the other team.

What is your ideal number of guests?

I like to be in a group of 3 to be able to really listen to each other or 22 for a sort of little banquet.

If you could invite just one guest to your next dinner party, living or dead, who would it be?

Marie-Laure de Decker.

A song that we will definitely listen to if we are invited to your house:

“I love you” by Riopy.

The cocktail or drink you can expect to taste when you arrive home:

Red wine, rather natural.

Your dream menu includes:

Good bread, always vegetables and sometimes meat.

What gift do you usually give your hosts when you are invited?

Soaps from Oriza Legrand .

What place does tableware have in your family? A memorable memory or something special to share about your family meals?

My maternal grandmother cooks like a chef and always sets beautiful tables.

She loves to entertain and always told me to go all out whatever the guest, she also has an impressive collection of tableware.

A recipe or decoration book to recommend to help our readers prepare their next receptions?

Those of my friend Alice Roca who runs the blog Alice in food , who makes the table as beautiful as what's on the plate.

Share an anecdote about your worst (or best) experience around the table when you hosted at your home?

I made a table at my mother's house for which I picked from a path not far from her house full of wild flowers, herbs and pine nuts. They were in fact full of aphids... Unexpected living decoration.

Your favorite at Tomète:

The linen is very pretty. So the right tablecloth because it allows you to really touch the fabric.

Who would you like to see on our newspaper for our next Home Tour?

My best friend, interior designer Julien Villeneuve, he cooks so well and makes the most beautiful tables.