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Article: The Tomète palette: sand

The Tomète palette: sand

Today we invite you not to put your feet under the table, but in the sand .

Tomète sand

This soft and warm shade of the Tomète palette evokes elegance, simplicity and a deep connection with nature.

Our sand color draws inspiration from golden beaches and vast deserts, where nature creates a palette of subtle tones ranging from light beige to pale brown. This color is a reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds us, from seashells on the beach to rolling dunes.

Tomète sand

Sand evokes simplicity and tranquility. It embodies peace and relaxation, creating a calming environment for your meals. It's also a timeless color that suits all seasons and many occasions, whether it's a casual dinner with friends or an elegant reception.

Tomète sand

Here are some table ideas to set with our sand table linen:

Dinner by the sea: Create a coastal atmosphere by combining the sand color with our navy blue tablecloth and push the idea by scattering shells here and there on your table.

Rustic Garden Table: For outdoor dining, add linen placemats and wildflowers for a rustic and elegant look.

Dinner under the stars: On a romantic evening, candles, crystal glasses and silver cutlery on a “sand” table will create a magical atmosphere.

Chic Brunch: For a sophisticated brunch, add linen napkins and gold metal accessories for a touch of elegance.

Tomète sand Put your feet in the sand with Tomète!