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Article: The Tomète palette: old pink

The Tomète palette: old pink

We are happy to start a new series of articles around the Tomète palette.

Colors have powerful symbolic and emotional power, and are essential in our creative process.

We wanted to present to you in more detail the ones we chose for our table wardrobe, and start with a color that is dear to us: old pink .

Tomète old pink

Old pink in the history of decoration

The use of old pink in decoration dates back several centuries and has evolved over time to become an iconic color.

In the 18th century, old pink was widely used in the interior decoration of European palaces and royal residences, symbolizing wealth and elegance. In the 19th century, it became a popular color in bedroom decor, creating a romantic and calming atmosphere. During the Victorian era, dusty pink was often associated with femininity and delicacy, while the early 20th century saw it used in Art Deco interiors to add a touch of glamor or in a more country feel. chic.

Today, old pink has made a comeback in the world of decoration, both in traditional and contemporary interiors, thanks to its versatility and its ability to evoke both nostalgia for the past and modern sophistication.

Tomète old pink

Why do we love old pink?

One of our favorite colors is undoubtedly pink, which can be delicate, feminine, pop, soft... Pink comes in multiple shades, including old pink.

Old pink is a timeless color that evokes softness, grace and romance. It's a subtle shade that pairs perfectly with neutral tones and gold accents, creating a warm and refined ambiance on your table.

Tomète old pink

Old pink on a table

The choice of table linen is not limited to a simple aesthetic preference. Colors have powerful symbolic and emotional power, and old pink is no exception. Here's what this gorgeous shade can represent on your table:

An ideal color for lovers : Dusty pink evokes sweet and romantic feelings, making it an ideal choice for romantic dinners or special celebrations.

A harmonious color for your family gatherings : This color soothes and creates a harmonious atmosphere, perfect for family gatherings and moments of sharing.

Elegance without too much effort : Dusty pink gives a touch of elegance without you having to do too much. All it takes is a simple tablecloth to transform your meal into an elegant experience.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for this stunning color.

Discover our collection of old pink linens online today, to dress your table with style and spirit!