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Article: At the table of Maud Bonnet in Colombes

At the table of Maud Bonnet in Colombes

We had the joy of discovering Maud Bonnet's universe and the art of hospitality, in her pretty "Columbine House" in Colombes, which she very recently refurbished and took over with her husband and two sons.

Maud is a communication consultant for various brands in the world of sport and beauty. At the same time, she creates content for lifestyle brands and shares content that inspires her on her Instagram account.

Welcoming with generosity, setting a nice table with simplicity and naturalness, and passing on her passion for the art of hospitality to her young children are all memories that we will remember from our visit to Maud.

A very nice meeting for Tomète, which we are happy to share with you today.

Tomète: What type of host are you? Team “I think about the menu and the decoration weeks before” or team “last minute”?

Maud: Team I hardly ever cook and I don't do the shopping, my husband manages it.

On the other hand, I love setting the table and creating a beautiful scene (flowers, candles, music, tableware) but I do it at the last minute because I have to have my sons dine beforehand (we don't have a second table in the kitchen, my dream !!!).

What is your ideal number of guests?

Between 6 and 8 at the table.

If you could invite just one guest to your next dinner party, alive or dead, who would it be?

A painter, Cézanne or Van Gogh.

A piece that we will listen to for sure if we are invited to your house:

Jazz, Billie Holiday.

The cocktail or the drink that we can hope to taste when arriving at your place:

Champagne often as an aperitif or a white Côtes-du-Rhône (I love Viognier).

Your dream menu includes :

Any recipe from Chef Ottolenghi (we have all his books).

What gift do you usually give to your hosts when you are invited?

Flowers and a good bottle.

What place does the art of the table have in your family? A memorable memory or a specificity to share on your family meals?

It's sacred with my parents, I inherited this passion from my mother who sets themed tables for each meal and family gatherings. Always flowers or branches picked up in the forest or in the fields, colorful plates, a beautiful tablecloth...

A book of recipes or decoration to recommend to help our readers prepare their next receptions?

Ottolenghi's cookbooks and the Sans Façon Instagram account on tableware with Gaelle Mancina.

Share an anecdote about your worst (or best) experience around the table when you received at home?

A lunch in the sun just after we moved in with friends in the courtyard in front of the house in the middle of the rubble and garbage cans because it was still the big construction site! Good wine, the back-to-school sun, a roast chicken from the market and the garbage cans around! It was funny but for me, a fan of beauty and detail, it was a challenge!

Your favorite at Tomète:

ALL !!!!!! But I really love the red striped spring collection and the embroidered initials, it really is a unique and perfect gift!

Who would you like to see on our timeline for our next Home Tour?

My friend Anouk Biard, the queen of good taste, she is unique!

Photographs: Antoine Sorel