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Summer tables


Article: The forest green table

The forest green table

At Tomète, we are committed to celebrating the French art of living, where each shared moment becomes a precious memory.

Today we are delighted to launch a new series of inspiring articles around the theme of "summer tables". This series is designed to accompany you throughout this bright season, offering you ideas and advice for creating magical moments around the table.

Summer, season of outdoor tables

Summer is undoubtedly the season of reunions and sharing. The long sunny days and mild evenings invite us to slow down, open our doors and gather those we love around a beautiful table. What could be more pleasant than enjoying a meal outdoors, surrounded by family and friends, under the song of birds and the beneficial warmth of the sun? These moments are the very essence of conviviality and joy of living.

Create connections around a beautiful table

At Tomète, we firmly believe that each shared meal is an opportunity to build stronger bonds. A beautifully set table, adorned with the highest quality linen linens, adds a touch of elegance and refinement to these special moments. Our collections, carefully crafted in France and Portugal, reflect our commitment to excellence and authenticity. They are designed to enhance your tables and make every moment even more memorable.

A new source of inspiration

Through this series of articles, we want to inspire and guide you to transform each meal into a unique experience. Whether it's decoration ideas, tasty recipes or tips for entertaining, we will share with you our passion for the art of the table. We hope these articles will encourage you to create your own magical moments and celebrate summer properly.

To start this series, we wanted to highlight our signature color, which you love so much: forest green. A color that will immediately give a rustic, but also sophisticated, tone to your table.

Thanks to Tom and Folks for the dishes.

Welcome to the summer table with Tomète.