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Article: Personalized Tomète embroideries made according to the rules of the art

Personalized Tomète embroideries made according to the rules of the art

French and European craftsmanship is rare and precious, especially in the world of sewing and textiles.

Only these expert hands are capable of creating products of unique beauty and quality.
This is why Tomète personalizations are carried out according to the rules of the art by hand by our expert embroiderer, trained by Maison Lesage (great specialist in French Haute Couture embroidery).

Here are some details on the process of creating our custom embroideries.

Step 1 - Drawing your initial(s) to embroider

Your initials are drawn by hand on the linen, thanks to a special embroidery pen and according to a pretty calligraphy that we have specially selected.

Tomète personalized embroidery - design of the initials

Step 2 - Attaching the linen to the embroidery frame

The linen is fixed with needles on an embroidery frame. This technique was preferred to hoop embroidery, which tends to mark the linen fiber.

Tomète custom embroideries - attaching the linen to the embroidery frame

Step 3 - Threading the embroidery thread into the Lunéville hook

The thread, of the selected color or gold, is threaded into a Lunéville hook.

The thick Tomète linen allows our embroiderer to embroider your initials with this ancestral technique and particularly suitable for embroidering in the chain stitch that we have chosen.

Tomète personalized embroideries - threading Luneville crochet yarn

Step 4 - Embroidery and finalization

Our embroiderer can now do chain stitch embroidery. She follows the pattern drawn beforehand and finishes the embroidery with a pretty stitch, this time done with a needle.

Once the embroidery is finished, the linen is ironed, which makes it possible to erase any traces of the initial design.

Tomète personalized embroideries - embroidery and finalization

This customization made by hand is the assurance of offering or affording beautiful and unique table clothes .