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Article: How to properly store your table linen?

How to properly store your table linen?

It's almost the start of the school year and an irrepressible desire to tidy up to clear up space before tackling the new year is taking over you? We are exactly like you and will share with you our some recommendations for properly storing your table linens (these tips are however relevant for all your textiles!).

Storing table linens

  1. Sort your table linen

Before you start putting away your table linen, take out all your table linen and place it on the floor (remember to make sure it is clean before).

Then sort it according to its type: tablecloths, napkins, placemats, table runners, tea towels, etc. If you have linen in several colors, we then advise you to classify each category by color.

This step will help you visualize the amount of table linens you have and you will be able to better organize your storage space.

  1. Use storage boxes or baskets

Storage boxes or baskets are, in our opinion, your best allies for keeping your table linens organized and easy to find.

Choose boxes or baskets of a suitable size for each category of table linen: a basket large enough for your tablecloths, a medium-sized basket for your table runners and tea towels, small baskets for your napkins and placemats.

If possible, choose the same model of box or basket to have a more coherent, pretty and… satisfying result! As always, choose natural materials for your containers.

To easily recognize the contents of each box or basket, simply label them. For example “tablecloths”, “napkins”. However, you can be even more specific, depending on the volume of table linens you have. For example, “small table tablecloths” or “large round table tablecloth”, “white napkins”, “colored placemats”, etc.

  1. Store your table linen in a dry place away from direct light

To protect your table linen from moisture, dust and sunlight, store it in a dry place away from direct light.

Cupboards or drawers are therefore the most suitable places.

If you cannot store it like this, we recommend placing it in boxes that can be closed with a lid.

  1. Fold your table linen carefully

To avoid creases and creases, fold your table linens carefully before storing them.

We recommend the famous Marie Kondo folding techniques, which avoid creases, save storage space and easily identify each stored item.

So, fold your table linen in two, three or four (depending on its size), roll it up then place it in its storage box. Complete the storage box by placing each new item side by side, not stacking them.

  1. Avoid overloading your drawers or cupboards

Avoid overcrowding your drawers or cupboards to prevent table linens from becoming wrinkled or deformed. Leave enough space for air to circulate and for you to easily take out and store your table linens.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to store your table linen efficiently and preserve its quality and beauty for many years. You'll also be able to easily find the table linens you need for your next dinner or party.