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Article: At the table of Guillemette Bataille, creator of Maison Guillemette (Part 1)

At the table of Guillemette Bataille, creator of Maison Guillemette (Part 1)

At Tomète, we celebrate the art of hospitality.

Invite your guests, choose the menu, do the shopping, cook, set the table, arrange the flowers, select good wine and good music, finally sit down and enjoy the evening with your loved ones.

The Tomète collections are aimed at women and men who like to receive and are sensitive to the aesthetics and quality of the objects placed in their homes.

We decided to meet inspiring people, who have the same sensitivity as us.

It's Guillemette Bataille 's turn to open the doors to her interior, which she shares with her husband Louis and their two children. 

Guillemette is a real source of inspiration.

Creator and director of the ready-to-wear and jewelry brand "Maison Guillemette", mother of two young children, passionate about dance... she chose not to choose, and manages to lead everything successfully and humility.

Its interior is a clever mix of personal memorabilia, finds from flea markets, beautiful books, delicate details... We know right away that we are at Guillemette, and that is perhaps the secret. of a successful decoration.

We immediately feel at home and around her table!

Welcome to Guillemette.

Tomète: What type of host are you? Reflection and preparations weeks before or rather "last minute"?

Guillemette: Definitely last minute… but I often hunt for crockery, I don't always know when it will be used but I'm sure it will be used!

I found 35 plates at Emmaüs recently, I took them all for a large table next summer!

What is your ideal number of guests?

Between 6 and 10, so that dinner could possibly end on the dance floor.

If you could invite one or more guest(s) to your next dinner party, alive or dead, who would it be?

Nureyev, Coco Chanel, Marlon Brando.

A piece that we will listen to for sure if we are invited to your house:

Die on stage by Dalida.

The cocktail or the drink that we can hope to taste when arriving at your place :

A gin and tonic with pink peppercorns.

Your dream menu includes...

A dish that simmers for a long time to flavor all the pieces and serves a chocolate tart with homemade shortcrust pastry.

What gift do you usually give to your hosts when you are invited?

Flowers are ephemeral but they allow you to rethink the moment shared in the days following dinner! I adore.

What place does the art of the table have in your family? A memorable memory or a specificity to share on your family meals?

Immense ! My parents were restaurateurs, impossible to make it simple, even for a last minute dinner I learned to put the small dishes in the big ones, to take out a tablecloth and cloth napkins, unimaginable to put paper towel on the table.

We were 4 children and a bunch of cousins, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, the cupboards were always full and there was always room for a surprise guest and a lot of people in the kitchen. I love this idea of ​​being able to receive people even when it was not planned and I hope to transmit this philosophy to my children.

A book of recipes or decoration to recommend to help our readers prepare their next receptions?

Chef Ottolenghi's "Jerusalem" book, each recipe is a journey to new flavors.

Share an anecdote about the worst experience you've had at a party.

A small hand mistakenly put my oven on pyrolysis for 2 hours, taking the dinner hostage at the same time… and obviously reduced it to nothing! Your favorite at Tomète:

The round placemats, I find their finish very sophisticated, it reminds me of the details that can be found in ready-to-wear.

Who would you like to see on our newspaper?

Maud (the founder of Tomète) and her husband, of course!

More in a few weeks!

Photographs: Antoine Sorel .