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Article: Why offer table linen for Mother's Day?

Why offer table linen for Mother's Day?

Sunday June 4, 2023 will be Mother's Day in France.

There are no rules or dates to please our moms, but it's still a great opportunity to prepare them special attention.

If you don't have the talent/the time/the desire to prepare a "homemade" gift like in the good old days noodle necklaces or unidentified salt dough objects... if you want to offer something that change flowers/jewellery/gift cards from previous years… we suggest (always very objectively) an excellent gift idea for Mother's Day: Tomète table linen .

First of all, our table linen is a practical gift , which can be used daily by your mothers and will not end up at the bottom of the drawer "various but cumbersome souvenirs". A beautiful tablecloth, placemats and napkins, an elegant tea towel are all gifts that will be really useful for your mothers.

Beyond its usefulness, Tomète table linen can also be a sentimental gift , which can be passed down from generation to generation. The Tomète wardrobe is made from premium linen, and will therefore be able to dress the family interior for many years. Having a lasting and timeless gift that can be passed down through the generations can be a very meaningful gesture for your mom.

It is also the opportunity to offer a unique gift , thanks to our personalization service. You can offer them napkins, sets or tea towels with their initials or those of the whole family. A great revisited classic of the art of the table, which will surely please him.

Finally, giving table linens for Mother's Day can be an opportunity to spend time together . Why not give your mum a set of table linens and organize a special lunch or dinner for the occasion?

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