Our glass beads

Our jewelry napkin rings are made from beautiful glass beads, which we wanted to show you in more detail today.

These beads are indeed an essential element of our jewelry table rounds and embody the essence of our creative approach.

The beauty of glass

Our glass beads are much more than just ornaments. Each of these pearls is carefully selected for its uniqueness and brilliance, highlighting the richness of the craftsmanship behind each creation. We also chose each color, in order to play with colors, which are one of Tomète's signatures.

Tomète glass beads

Echo of tableware glassware

The choice of glass for our pearls is not trivial. It resonates with the tradition of glassmaking which characterizes the art of the table. This classic elegance, combined with the modernity of our creations, creates a subtle link between our jewelry table rounds and the traditions of tableware, while bringing a touch of refinement to your table.

Tomète glass beads

A Parisian heritage

Our glass beads come from a supplier who also supplies prestigious Parisian fashion houses as well as the Paris Opera. This alliance with a renowned Parisian heritage guarantees the exceptional quality of our pearls, which are at the heart of our creations and bring a hint of Parisian splendor to each piece.

Tomète glass beads

The Art of Assembly

Each glass bead is meticulously assembled by our team of dedicated artisans in Paris, who infuse each piece with unique charm and meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to create jewelry table rounds that will enhance your table and become precious objects in your daily life.