At the Tomète table: the thirteen desserts

Having Provençal roots, my mother makes it a point of honor to perpetuate the tradition of thirteen desserts (dating from the 17th century) every Christmas.

On this occasion, she brings out her beautiful silver tray which she covers with thirteen traditional dishes that we taste after the meal on the 24th (not always easy in terms of appetite!) always taking care to make a wishes in advance for the coming year. The tray then remains for several days in the center of the stay, in order to make the "Christmas magic" last a little longer.

The list of thirteen ingredients is still debated, because it varies according to the families and/or Provençal villages. With us, the tray generally consists of the following foods:

Various nuts

Various raisins
dried figs
Fruit paste
Various candied fruits
White Nougat
black nougat
Calissons of Aix
Oil pump

The thirteen desserts arranged on one of our thick linen tablecloths will have the greatest effect on your home. To your trays!